Part 1 October the workshop-project from 2012 to 2013 for secondary schools of first and second degree promoted by Lyra

Into For the third consecutive year after the success of the previous editions, Lyra (the FILA brand with products dedicated to artistic design, technical and fine arts), in collaboration with De Agostini and with the support of the Italian Illustrators , creaL'arte of opposites, a project-laboratory for the first time devoted not only to lower secondary levels but also to high school art and science.
Into Art is looking at things with a different point of view, is to turn, reverse, put upside down.
Into The project The Art of opposites, the boys will represent reality and its opposite, good and evil, good and bad, black and white, positive and negative, the front and the rear. Will have to interpret the world upside down: look at reality, looking the opposite.
Into the beginning of the school year 2012-13, the teachers participating will receive a kit containing:

    • a teaching guide with instructions on how to participate in the workshop-project


    • a calendar with all the dates for the different phases do not forget,


    • 24 boxes, one boy, each containing tools Lyra high quality artistic design.

Into Each student, therefore, will have all the necessary materials to experiment with different techniques of black and white and find the one that best fits the dual interpretation of reality.
In March Into 2013una jury, with some of the most important representatives of Illustrators, will select 10 works created by schools secondary schools and 10 high schools made by art and science. The classified from 1st to 5th place will be awarded with a workshop for the whole class on the use of pencil, black and white, gray and its nuances. I ranked from 6th to 10th place will receive a prize of a supply of Lyra.
Into All works submitted by students will be published on-line in the "school" on the site and everyone can see them.
Into In April 2013, drawn up in the photo-gallery, with the exception of the winds that were awarded by the jury of experts, will be voted by the public. The Top 8 jobs (4 for middle schools and 4 high schools) will win an assortment of Lyra for the whole class.
Into everything will be awarded in 28 classes, 14 classes in schools secondary schools and 14 secondary school classes of the second degree. The 28 winning entries will also have the honor of being printed on paper bags that deploy from LYRA September 2013 in the best bookshops in Italy so that everyone can enjoy. Every shopper, as well as the image of the paper, also includes the name of the guy who did it, the name of the school and the teacher who has followed the project.
Into So who wins is certainly not white.
Into The complete regulations of the contest can be found here .