Many Ideas for Creating, Modeling, Design and Decorating

Into Fads pass quickly but Row offers ideas that remain over time. From the beginning the company, in fact, believes in creativity and invests in research to offer unique products in their essence that are constantly renewed. Quality products, original, safe, cared for in every detail. Gift ideas that can surprise the little ones, but also the older ones, because they talk about what could be more natural in all of us: the imagination. A Christmas more than ever!
Into The Five Dimensions of Christmas FILA blow up the color and the scent of the most beautiful festival of the year.

    • "Fantasia without Limits" to play with imagination, color and shape the stories of the most beloved characters in children


    • "Creativity in crescendo" to surprise the little ones with fun and original ideas that stimulate their imagination


    • "Small Talents" to encourage the creativity of the children with lots of gift ideas and certified safe


    • "Atelier d'art" to give the perfect gift for artists and 'aspiring': elegantly designed products, high quality designer Lyra


    • "Patterns and Colors" to provide the tools to make decorations for the home and gifts for all your friends.

FILA, Christmas is truly magical!


"Fantasia without Limits"


Dido MAXIBOX Barbapapa
The news that stunned!
Into Didò, pasta to play most loved by children and mothers, meets the family of Barbapapa, the nice change artists favored by children. The result is Didò Maxi Box Barbapapa, a maxi reusable and collapsible which allows you to enter the fantastic world of transformations. Just open the lid to discover many sausages, molds and a double game scenery to create a fuss and model 9 Barbapapa family members. The Maxi Box Barbapapa is a real big gift box, high impact and easy to manage the store because stackable. With Didò Maxi Box Barbapapa Christmas will become a success!

Dido Barbapapa COLLECTION
Into Dido Barbapapa COLLECTION is an original and innovative to come up with lots of games and exciting stories and fun with the friendly Barbapapa. Nine packs all have to be collected for the family of Barbapapa complete! All packages contain the cutter, the sausages in the specific color of the character and the book scene with many suggestions for shaping the transformation of the characters with the help of rolling pin and boxcutter. And to create Barbamamma and Barbabarba there is the new black sausage! The packaging is also very versatile and can in fact be hung or placed on the bench thanks to the feet. The Barbapapa are about to become, you ready? Remains of stucco, is a Didò trick!

Color prêt a porter
Into this Christmas comes GIOTTO Minnie Bag that will delight all little girls.
Into Inside many pencils, crayons, markers and glue Glitter GIOTTO valuable to have fun inventing, drawing and coloring. And when creativity is at rest, the GIOTTO Minnie Bag turns into a real handbag to show off and take with him.
Into A license to hit into a double gift marked GIOTTO to the delight of all the girls!

GIOTTO and Disney, the winning combination!
Into Small creative ... grow with the line GIOTTO Mickey Mouse. When the colors are not enough, there are markers Giants GIOTTO Mickey Mouse: 9 duo point markers in 2 colors and 1 double marker to stamp, to get the right color. The colors are bright and washable, the conical tip is perfect for achieving broad strokes and fine. Many colors with pastels GIOTTO Mickey: the 14 mega pastels, with a diameter of 5 mm, can be combined with the 7 colored tires. In addition, each package contains the special sharpener. The GIOTTO Mickey soft stick wax crayons are extra soft scorrevolissimi and thanks to stick around them, even extra clean. In short, perfect to unleash the creativity. Watercolor in contact with water, soft wax stick with gold and precious silver add touches to the imagination. For smaller designers, created the GIOTTO GIOTTO Minnie Textile Set that contains 8 pens to decorate fabrics. Caps, t-shirts and shoes will be more fashion when decorated with 3 stencil as a gift in the package.

Enter the magical world of Minnie and Mickey Mouse
Into Two big boxes that boys and girls will go crazy with so many sausages, double cutters, double scenario and dies, to enjoy creating new games, along with Minnie and Mickey Mouse. With the convenient handle will be easy to bring the fantasy home of the grandparents or a classmate.
Into With Minnie and Mickey the magic begins!

bidibi BODIBI BU '
Into Rediscovering the enchanting tale of Cinderella will be an amazing experience thanks to Didò. With 6 new molds, the 10 sausages, the 4 timbradidò, a rolling pin and boxcutter will be easy to create the characters of the story that always makes you dream all the girls. In the package, also setting a double play to set the romantic love story between the prince and Cinderella. And to create the beautiful dress worn by the princess on prom night is a sausage Didò all silver.
Into Didò Cinderella, the magic formula for a successful enchanted

Enter the forest of 100 acres with Winnie the Pooh
Into An unmissable maxi pack all'orsetto dedicated children's favorite with a rich visual content to live a thousand adventures in the woods of 100 Acres and handle for easy transport. The kids will love to create Winnie the Pooh and his friends thanks to 6 molds and sausages and invent exciting games. And to enrich the stories in the woods, there are new timbrotti and 1 double scenario for a maxi fun guarantee of success.

Ready ... Go! Scooting around the jungle with Didò
Into 'Around the Jungle', the TV series most sought by girls and kids on Disney Junior and Rai 2 is now replicated through Didò.I children discover the jungle at full speed and Elecamion Saltavia and super fun to shoot on three-dimensional track their favorite characters, created with the soft dough to play and the two molds 3D. And to complete the protagonists of this animated series, in the package 4 sets of wheels which make them run true. The package, with a strong visual impact, has been developed to be visible and recognizable in the shop.

A racing tire that becomes a game
Into Fun with the protagonists of Cars with Didò Cars Pit Stop, a unique and original gift inspired by the world of fun Disney animated film. Out a real tire as that of Lightning McQueen, in an exciting game with sausages, molds and a double scene puzzle. The original packaging, stackable and easy to manage on the shelf at home turns into a fun game.

To get into the middle of the race and experience the thrill of Formula 1
Into Didò puts the track Didò Cars Grand Prix to immerse the children in the world of Formula 1 Cars with the characters and the new track inspired by the film cars2. Inside the fun packaging: 10 sausages and 5 cutters to create 3D cars and a scenario in which her race.

Put the turbo GIOTTO
With the package Giotto Go Into Cars takes a few simple steps to start a game with lots of fun GIOTTO markers. Assemble and paint the stars of Cars is easy thanks to the sequence of images on the sides of the box. And with the marker Giotto Decor Metal silver plastic wheels tires become real and are ready to be installed on race cars. A giant gift box original, creative and guaranteed GIOTTO. Go with GIOTTO Cars, the smaller they become the protagonists of the most exciting races!

"Creativity in crescendo"

La Befana flies over the city and comes with a gift box
Into The Epiphany of Didò flying over the city and enters the chimney with a novelty: the Didò neroche smells of coal in a jar of 100 g. The SuperBefana of Didò also does not contain sweets, but all the tools to transform one of the most popular festivals of children in an explosion of color and imagination: 10 sausages, a mold dedicated to Christmas, tumbles and a shaper of the new Epiphany to model the nice old lady in many colors. Exposed to bank on handy, or hanging in the store, the SuperBefana of Didò amaze all kids with his entertaining contents fully visible

Exclusive Didò
Into For Christmas 2012 Didò presents the exclusive Chiocciolona Timbrolona: a giant snail ready to leave a trail of fun thanks to the wheel printer to stamp the dough to play Didò.
Into The contents fully visible, this package will not fail to catch the attention of all ages.

to give more space to the imagination, in the package there is a big checkered tablecloth to create interactive 3D overlapping strips Didò stamped at the drawing.

Into Didò A new idea-that allows little ones to stimulate their creativity.

"Small Talents"

GIOTTO be-Well Stains on Fingers
Into Even the youngest can leave their mark with creative Stains finger GIOTTO be-Well and 3 sponges to draw funny animals. In each pack there is everything you need to unleash the imagination: the 3 primary colors (red, yellow and blue), 3 soft pads and a handy apron as not to dirty. The super finger paints are dermatologically tested and wash the skin with warm water.

GIOTTO be-Well Supertappetone
Into Creativity goes everywhere with Supertappetone GIOTTO be-well, a oasis for the little ones made of freedom and security. A scenario of new games, with many colors and the new album to learn opposites. Folds to save space, is hanging and everything is in order due to the large pockets bearer. PVC, washable, safe and certified for children, contains no removable parts.

GIOTTO be-Well Maxi set
Into The creative little train with the Maxi-September GIOTTO be Well: A rich set and full color, play, and model, has everything you need to create from the nest: 6 supermatitoni, 1 pencil sharpener, 8 super markers, 3 pots of pasta to play super 100 g, a small box with 4 Accesssories for modeling, 1 be-bé coloring book.

GIOTTO be Well-September Supergessetti
Into draw, erase and redraw the Supergessetti GIOTTO be-Well.
imagination explodes with so many colors safe, dust-free and dermatologically tested for use on a merry unbreakable slate, complete with chalk and an eraser decorated door of many colored sheep.
Into All accessories are designed for toddlers and contain no removable parts.

GIOTTO be-Well Supercolorbox
Into GIOTTO-bé be put under the Christmas tree the GIOTTO be-bé Supercolorbox. The unique top box, clear plastic and super shock resistant, it becomes a handy container to store all tools designed to develop the creativity of children: supermatitoni 12, 12 and 2 superpennarelli appuntamatitoni.

GIOTTO be-Well backpack

always carry the tools to create there GIOTTO be-Well Backpack: a nice plush sheep which has a large back pocket for storing colors.

Into The sheep has no removable parts: eyes, nose and mouth are, in fact, embroidered. The backpack contains 12 markers and a GIOTTO be Well-coloring.

"Atelier d'art"

LYRA Rembrandt Polycolor
Pastels high quality ideal for use artistic
Into Dedicated to the masters of color and lovers of design, they are suitable for any type of representation and illustration. Available in 78 intense and brilliant colors that penetrate perfectly to create various shades. The lead increased, high pigmentation, is resistant to water and light. Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor are available in elegant boxes of precious metal or in the wooden box of 68 crayons Prestige plus accessories. PEFC certified - BV/CdC/6011572

LYRA Rembrandt watercolors watercolor pastels high quality ideal for artistic use.
Into The intense and brilliant colors are acquerellano perfectly and can be mixed and blend together. The lead increased, rich in emulsifying wax if processed with water and brush can be diluted up to remove all traces of the patterns. Available in 72 colors that can achieve excellent transparency. Lyra Rembrandt Aquarell are available in elegant boxes of precious metal or in the wooden box of 96 crayons Prestige plus accessories.
PEFC Certified - BV/CdC/6011572

LYRA Hi-Quality Art Pen
The markers
high-quality artistic
Into The tip end, with nib fiber non-deformable, making them ideal for all types of coloring thanks to an application of the color is uniform. The inks are watercolor and mixed together. Available in 50 different colors, the range also includes four fluorescent colors and two metallic colors, gold and silver. The metallic colors, reach their maximum performance when used on dark or colored sheets, and unlike other colors are permanent and can overlap with other colors to create light effects.

LYRA Color Stripe
Pastels unmistakable design
Into a pastel colored but not only an object of prestige to keep on display. Thanks to the unique design, Lyra Color Stripe, has won the prestigious "Red Dot Design Award" in 2009 as Best of the Best. The characteristic of this pastel wooden triangular black is the color strip completely exposed: a pencil for lovers of beauty.

LYRA Polycrayons Soft
Chalks by intense and brilliant colors ideal for use artistic
Into Thanks to the particular square shape and to their softness, they can be used both to define small details using the corners, both for coloring large areas using the chalks of dish. The high concentration of pigment allows a perfect mixing of the colors. The crayons are all Polycrayons Soft watercolor. The colors may be diluted after being laid on the sheet, or can be used as a tablet of watercolor going to dip the brush dipped in water directly on the body of chalk. They have a chromatic scale finely balanced with an excellent color balance. Lyra Polycrayons Soft is available in packs of 12 and 24 assorted colors.

LYRA Aquacolor
wax crayons ideal for use watercolor art
Into Featuring a high concentration of pigments that make saturated colors, opaque and shiny. Their waxy makes drawings bodied and velvety, very bright hues. The crayons Lyra Aquacolor can be watercolor drawings giving a more light and transparent. The colors can be mixed to create infinite nuances. Lyra Aquacolor are available in elegant metal boxes 12 and 24 assorted colors.

LYRA Rembrandt Art Design
fine graphite pencils, ideal for artistic drawing and technical drawing
Into thin graphite pencils are ideal for artistic drawing and technical drawing. Seventeen degrees of hardness ranging from the hardest to the softest 6H 9B, are the graphite pencils which meet all needs. The shades are perfect hardest to make technical drawings. The softer shades and fat are ideal for freehand artwork. Lyra Art Design are available in a stylish metal box of 12 assorted shades. PEFC certified - BV/CdC/6011572

LYRA Rembrandt Art Specials
Pencils ideal for freehand drawing
Into Each artist his pencil! Charcoal pencils, chalk and graphite pencils perfect to make sketches, sketches, portraits, shadows and shades. An extra touch to their works thanks to the assortment of pencils enclosed in metal box. Portraits or landscapes, nudes and still lifes will be easier to achieve.

"Patterns and Colors"


The idea that surprise you? Simple, is DAS
Das Into Color, colored modeling clay that dries the air, has extended its range with new sparkling gold and silver ingots in size 150 g. Thanks to the window on the front of the pack, the colors are easily identifiable and the package can be hung for convenient management shelf.
Into Giving free rein to creativity is now even easier because each pack is inserted in a friendly guide with many interesting ideas to be realized.
Into addition, the resealable pouch allows you to keep unused product. Das with gold and silver, Christmas is the most brilliant and original than ever!

Make your mark!
Taken Into Mark All is indelible marker that does not miss any surface! Is writing on paper, plastic, CD, glass, metal and textiles. A water-based, Mark All has suddenly decided but gentle. Available in 15 brilliant colors including gold and silver, perfect colors to make Christmas cards or decorating the placeholders that will color the table the most joyous day of the year. For all those who want to shine your Christmas, this is the ideal product

Create Christmas is easy with Giotto Decor
Into create decorations for the home, centerpiece, DIY gifts and figurines for the nativity scene is fun and easy with the products of the Giotto Decor.
Into Suitable for all types of materials (metal, glass, wood, plastic ...), multi-surface markers Giotto Decor Materials and Giotto Decor Metal are ready to use, non-toxic, safe and resistant to light, perfectly covering also dark bases or colored, have locked pen super-sturdy, safety cap and ventilated cap
Into To give even more room for creativity, you can also create objects with Das, and then customize them with colorful and fun glitter glue GIOTTO.
Into Free your creative with GIOTTO Christmas Decor